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Q : Why should I attend a course by IOB ?

We are currently one of the leading academies for training and placing junior brokers. Following successful completion of our one-day course, we offer a one-month internships with the opportunity to earn full-time employment.

Q : How are the courses structured ?

The Introduction to the Stockbroking course consists of six hours of intensive lecture followed by a comprehension test every Saturday. Full timetables are available on our courses page.

Q : Where is the course located ?

The course is held it two locations in London depending on the amount of students they can either be held in Central London or North West London offices .

Q : How long does the course take ?

The Saturday course is between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Q : Do I get a qualification at the end of the course ?

Yes, once you have completed your course, you will receive an industry-recognised certificate in entry to being a junior broker.

Q : How many courses are available ?

There are two courses available depending on your level.

Q : Can anyone attend?

Yes. All undergraduates, universities leavers and postgraduates, regardless of educational qualification are able to attend. The minimum age is 17, only in extenuating circumstances will younger students be considered.

Q : I have a degree do I have an advantage ?

There is a common misconception that individuals with a degree are guaranteed a job, this is not the case. We are in a world where experience counts and our course can lead to an internship and the experience needed to do well.

Q : What qualification do I need to attend a course ?

No qualifications are required; the courses that we offer at the IOB are available to anyone who is interested in becoming a stockbroker.

Q : Am I guaranteed an Internship at the end of the course ?

Yes, you are guaranteed a placement upon successful completion of the training program. This will be a significant step towards beginning your career in stockbroking.

Q : Do you have any sponsors?

We are currently sponsored by London School of Economics, SU Business & Finance Group.

Q : Is the internship paid?

No, the voluntary one-month internship will be unpaid, it will be down to you to prove you are capable of becoming a successful stockbroker. The training course will give you a significant advantage over other candidates as you will have the tools and skills needed to succeed.

Q : How much does the course cost ?

The Introduction of Stockbroking Course is priced at £299.

Better Education – Greater Opportunities


Our students come from all over the world and represent different nationalities, educational backgrounds and life experiences.

Our trading floor and hedge fund partners are looking to take on board our students due to the high-level of practical training we provide at the IOB. Stockbroking is a demanding career, and with the right tools and skills, our candidates go on to develop long-term careers within the industry.

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