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Recruitment is one of the most important elements of any company or organisation. Hiring the right candidates is very crucial for a successful venture. We know that attracting and retaining top talent is vital for the success of your business. It's that end result you're focused on - hiring a great team - and not the process to get there. This is where the we can help

IOB take a keen interest in your business objectives and hiring plans so we can put our strategy into motion. We will do everything from identifying prospective candidates, to selling your vision and securing your new hire at the right salary level, our expert team will make sure you hire the right candidates. We focus on a specific job type, sector and geography, so you'll always deal with someone who knows your market inside out.

What We Do

Are you inundated with poor CVs and aggressive agencies demanding your attention?

We understand it is very difficult to find the right candidate that can handle the demands of junior broking. It can take a strain on the department to train individuals who are really not cut out for the role.

There just aren't enough hours in the day. You know you need to add to your team, but you're struggling with finding the time you need to dedicate to getting someone on board.

We have an array of investment floors who are in similar positions to you. Our approach to finding the right candidate that fits your needs is unique in many ways. We not only vet CVs we receive we also train the right candidates to do the required role. You have the opportunity to trial candidates before you decide if they are right for you or not.

But just as important, we look for people who will be a good fit for your business.

Experience tells us personality is just as important as skills.

Our continued support from all our partners proves our approach works.

We are committed to doing all we can to make your recruitment problems within finance a thing of the past.

You will have direct contact with a senior in our team to liaise with on a regular basis and keeping you up to date. They will know your business and you well, and will be responsible for ensuring only the right candidates are matched to your vacancies.

We can offer a tailored Managed Recruitment Service and work closely with you to build your recruitment strategy and manage an effective delivery channel through one sole contact. This frees up your Management allowing them utilise their time effectively in Building your business.

Time is very valuable and we want to do all we can to maximise the recruitment process. Ultimately, our success is measured on finding you the right people and we are very passionate about our success. We will only charge recruitment fees on candidates you choose to keep after their trial.

How we Work

We take time getting to know your company and the particular role and vacancy you are trying to fill. We will look to build a partnership and will be judged on our results.


We have been around for 4 years and have an extensive database of prospects with potential along with experienced candidates. Our data is kept updated on a regular basis helping us to track candidate availability.


Using the leading online job boards we can ensure your vacancy gets maximum exposure, attracting the best candidates.

Through the database facility, we can pick up active job seekers with relevant skills too. We invest heavily within social media and pay per click advertisment.


We have many candidates that are not on the market but open to new possibilities and opportunities, in which case referrals from our extensive contacts, and using our headhunting skills can be very effective. Headhunting has been extremely effective for us when it comes to securing roles for senior positions.


Job seekers already registered with us receive alerts via email or text when relevant roles are entered onto the system. This allows our recruitment consultants to proactively target the best candidates quickly, ahead of our competitors.


All firms want candidates that can hit the ground running, that is why any applicants without relevant experience will gain industry training. Once candidates have completed the training they will be eligible for placements and trials. You will receive candidates that know what to do from day one.


One area which makes us rather different from many other recruiters is our candidates are prepared to trial with you before you decide if wish to recruit or not. Candidates know industries such as broking are hard to get in to so they are prepared to show case their ability.

Broker Training

Candidates who are serious about broking will complete industry training to gain access to investment floors

The IOB is a leading professional academy aimed at educating and progressing the careers of motivated individuals. Our mission is to combine academic rigour with a practical approach in the purpose of securing professional success for our candidates within the financial services sector

What They Learn

What is expected from you on the broking floor - We will discuss the exams needed and the key targets expected from you.

Understanding Financial Markets - We will break down UK, US and Worldwide markets so you can see through the eyes of an investor. Understand what move markets and how to break down strategies for your investors.

Financial products and Instruments - We will break down CFDs, ETFs, Commodities Forex and equities and explain how to build strategies for your prospects and ways in which they can take advantage of difficult market conditions.

The Importance of Data - You will need to know how data impacts financial market and how that can affect and investors portfolio. We will look at many data figures released monthly such as PMI, Non-Farm Payrolls, CPI. GDP, ADP figures and many more. The data will help you make an educated decision on where markets could possibly go so you can help your prospects that bit more.

Fundamental Data - it is essential you know how to select long term investments so we break down many metrics such as P/E Ratios, EPS, Payout Ratios, ROA, Dividend Cover and many more. Investors will want to know what stocks offer the best long-term potential for growth and income.

Technical analysis - It is essential you know elements of trading so we will go through many charting tools along with time frames. We will give you an insight into strategies and how to trade alone.

Sales Training - We will offer scripts and techniques needed to engage with your prospects and how to incorporate all you have learned on the day.

Benefits of working with us


Perfect fit

Candidates fully vetted against all requirements


Fast placement

Reduced time to hire with our targeted approach


Reach the very best

Forward-thinking attraction methods cover the market

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